Helicon Process Development Solutions is a dynamic and innovative partner in the world of process engineering support services. From design to project delivery we are here to provide the technical and organizational supports and skills that are required to meet the challenges that arise with every project.

WIth a primary focus on controlled environments, Helicon Process Development Solutions provide process support and project delivery within the processing industries. All forms of open and enclosed processing equipment, storage vessels, reactors, cleanrooms, laboratories, temperature controlled warehouses and isolation units are all forms of controlled environments that we work comfortably with.


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Gloveboxes, Isolators, Airflow Booths & Fume Cabinets

We at Helicon Process Development Solutions can provide whatever you may require ranging from process engineering support through to project delivery. We work with you to ensure the delivery of complete solutions or we can selectively take part in delivering aspects of your requirements if this approach best suits your needs, working closely in conjunction with your own or separately appointed management and technical people.

The options are without limits in respect to the way in which we can provide you with the best of our skills and experience.

⦁ Trust our ingenuity and passion for delivering solutions.
⦁ Trust our understanding of engineering, construction and validation to
bring your plans to life.
⦁ Trust our independence to work on your behalf and in your interest.
⦁ Trust our network to provide for you the best results depending on the
extent of your plans.


Biographies of Our Principals



Peter is a chartered engineer and Member of Institute of Chemical Engineers. With over 25 years’ experience within the chemicals, pharmaceutical and food industries, Peter is very experienced and knowledgeable in project design and management; process development; site and facility planning; and process optimisation. His skills and understanding are at the centre of every project undertaken.



Brendan is qualified in Quality and Project Management. With more than 15 years experience in Quality, Commissioning and Validation Systems and management. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience which ensures that systems operate to a set of standards; that each project is delivered to a specified quality; and that commissioning and validation of systems, plant and equipment is carried out to a set of defining protocols and method.