From simple installations to complex structures we excel at constructing a solution. We deliver all of the skills and resources that are needed to complete the programme of works.



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Construction Management & Planning

We provide site personnel to ensure the supervision and management of all construction works with continuous oversight by senior company management.

Construction Management also involves detailing planning. Quality Planning; Traffic Management Planning, Safety System Planning; Procurement Planning.

Planning facilitates our requirement to maintain the control of all aspects of construction management and by extension strive to deliver on our promises.

Safety Management

Safety in construction is central to our measure of success. We take safety very seriously with much emphasis placed on eliminating risk and avoiding injury and damage.

Training, inductions, toolbox talks, risk assessments, method statements, safe action plans, co-ordinated activity planning and more are examples of the measures we take to achieve the aim of ensuring safety in construction.


Cost Control

Cost management is one of the primary concerns in project and construction management. With a control budget in place with every project prior to the commencement of construction we actively manage that budget to ensure that costs are controlled. Should issues arise identification of any concerns with a cost impact are highlighted and dealt with as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Cost reviews are carried out weekly and all activities with a cost elements are managed as detailed in the procurement plan developed for the project.

Suppliers and service providers are selected based on cost and ability to deliver and we work with those involved in each project to seek value where possible.

We also actively manage orders to ensure that the delivery of materials and services are kept as much as possible on time and in particular do not impact negatively on the project schedule.

Schedule / Programme Management

Each and every one of our projects is subject to a design, procurement and construction programme of activities and works. This may take the form of a simple Level 1 or high-level schedule of broad activities or it may be a very detailed Level 3 schedule that includes all tasks within each activity. The complexity of the project determines the amount of detail to be included in the schedule.

In all cases schedules are actively managed to ensure that activities are started and finished as planned; that adjustments are made in line with changes that arise; that works are communicated to all engineering disciplines; and that reporting of progress is facilitated. Schedule and programme management is a primary part of construction management function and so we focus a significant amount of management time on dealing with scheduling.