Process Engineering

We offer an array of process engineering services which range from total engineering responsibility to providing assistance in specified aspects of process engineering.

⦁ We can manage the entire identification, specification and installation of process equipment to meet your requirements.
⦁ We can integrate into your new or existing facility the process equipment that you have procured.
⦁ We can work with you or on your behalf to manage the selection and purchase of new equipment.
⦁ We can conduct Factory and Site Acceptance Testing on your behalf
⦁ We can remove, relocate, re-install equipment between locations.

Our years of experience and knowledge in process engineering allows us to assist you in the ways that best suit you and should you require additional or specific specialised skills we can bring those skills under our management for the purpose of serving your project needs.

No matter how big or small the equipment we are ready to assist. Examples are listed below:

⦁ Laboratory equipment;
⦁ Isolation units (eg: gloveboxes, restricted access barrier systems, microbiological safety cabinets, fume cabinets)
⦁ Tanks and vessels;
⦁ Process and utility skids.
⦁ Separation technology (eg: centrifuges, columns, filter units)
⦁ Disposable bag processing technology
⦁ Filling and packaging lines
⦁ Heat transfer technology
⦁ Purified water systems
⦁ Powder handling and blending
⦁ Vapour and dust control units
Our years of experience and knowledge in process engineering allows us to work with you to manage a range of process engineering activities, a few examples of which are:

⦁ Process and equipment trouble-shooting
⦁ Unit operations design and specification
⦁ Process Flow-sheeting
⦁ Facility layout design
⦁ Process safety (eg: Hazop and SIL – IEC61508 & 61511)
⦁ Explosive atmosphere engineering
⦁ Selection of equipment
⦁ Review of design and engineering documentation
⦁ Handover file development
⦁ Equipment acceptance testing

Should your organisation require assistance with process engineering activities we can provide help.


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