Mechanical Engineering

Transfer piping is the network that interconnects process equipment. Building services are the systems that ensure that controlled environments function as they are designed to do.

We have the capacity to provide piping and ducting for:

⦁ Process utilities – for heating, cooling, compressed air and gas utilities
⦁ Process fluids – for the transfer of both organic and inorganic fluids
⦁ Clean manufacturing utilities – for clean steam, purified water and clean compressed air
⦁ Basic and high specification ventilation ductwork
⦁ Air handling and air conditioning systems
⦁ Conveyance piping for the transfer of free-flowing powders, viscous fluids and particulate solids

In conjunction with our partner companies we can deliver the necessary mechanical assembly, equipment installation and fabrication services needed to deliver your equipment into a controlled environment and provide the mechanical services needed to serve the equipment as well as the building services for the controlled environment.


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